RSU 1 costs lawsuit heads to back burner

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The Times Record

Court proceedings in West Bath’s lawsuit against Regional School Unit 1 did not take place as scheduled Thursday at the Sagadahoc County Courthouse.

A clerk said Judge Andrew M. Horton postponed the proceedings until sometime in May.

Jonathan Davis, town administrator in West Bath, said Tuesday the court made the decision last week to postpone oral arguments on RSU 1’s motion to dismiss.

“When the case was expanded to include Woolwich and Arrowsic, the courts rescheduled,” Davis said.

“The case was predicated on Bath and RSU 1 being the defendants,” he said.

West Bath is seeking $1.9 million from RSU 1, claiming the town overpaid the school district in the first four years of its existence, based on the cost-sharing formula then in place.

The town says it should have been assessed $8.2 million in fiscal years 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 but instead paid $10.1 million.

Arrowsic, Bath and Woolwich have joined RSU 1 as defendants, since they would be compelled to pay more should West Bath prevail.

2013-03-06 / News

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