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The Legion Works


The WW-II luncheon held at the post home on 28 July was a huge success. Twenty-nine WW-II veterans attended many with their family members.

Past national Commander Anthony Jordan was on hand to present our veterans with certificates of appreciation from the State of Maine and Post 20, also a WW-II Commemorative Coin from the State of Maine. Jordan and Brunswick Town Manager John Eldridge presented the awards to very proud WW-II Veterans. Jordan talk to the crowd reminding everyone the sacrifices made by the “Greatest generation” A very moving talk right from the heart.

Boys and Girl Scouts from troops acted as escorts for those who had a difficult time walking to the podium to receive their Recognition. Many volunteers, legionnaire, their wife’s, and friends were on hand to prepare and serve a cold plate lunch. Post Command Joe Donahue thanked our WW-II veterans for their service and also thanked the all the volunteers who help make the event a huge success. A total of 87 people were in attendance. Coverage of our American Legion event was provided by Juliette leaka of The Times Record who provided excellent coverage as well as Channel 5.

‘Why should you belong’ Pillar #2 National Security:

The American Legions positions on national defense, homeland security, border control, and military support are all parts of the long-held legion value that the key to peace and world stability is a strong, well resourced defense.

In order to protect America, troops and their families must have support. The American Legion plays a vital role in supporting the Men and Women who risk their lives to protect our freedoms.

American Legion Post throughout the nation adopts military units, deliver care packages, provide emotional support for families of deployed service members, and welcome the troop’s home.

Specific examples of their efforts include arranging transportation to reunite soldiers with their families for the holidays and organizing fundraisers to buy phone cards for use in combat zones.

Such assistance doesn’t end with the service members return home.

At U.S. military installation across the country — including Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland, Brooks Army Medical Center in Texas and Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington — legion staff members help troops work through the Medical discharge process and provide representation before medical examination boards to reconcile disability ratings.

The legion’s support of the U.S. military – form adequate funding for weapons systems to reasonable childcare services for deployed troops.

The U.S. military health – care system and medical insurance program frequently face challenges in Washington. The American Legion persistently testifies on the need to keep Tricare and Tricare for life viable and affordable benefits of Military service.

The American legion works with the Department of Homeland Security at the national, state, and local levels to prepare for natural disasters. In many communities, American Legion posts serve as civil-defense shelters and havens of relief in the event of catastrophe or attack on U.S. soil.

Border Security and Immigration: The American Legion opposes illegal immigration and amnesty for those who came to the United State illegally. The legion advocates for strict border and port security as a defense against invasion or attack by foreign enemies, illegal drug trafficking and adverse economic impact. The legion, however, strongly supports legal naturalization.

Why should you join the Legion?

Blue Star Banners: The American Legion’s Blue Star Banner was resurrected after 9/11 to acknowledge U.S. families with loved one serving in the Armed Forces during wartime. American Legion Blue Star salutes and other Post-sponsored events to distribute the banners are effective expression of Home front support for military familiars.

Blood Donor Program: The American Legion conducts state competition throughout the country for Posts that donate blood or host Blood drives.

Full Accounting of POW/MIAs: The American Legion maintains unwavering support for the full accounting of all U.S military personnel taken as prisoners of War, missing or killed in action on foreign soil. Official meetings of the Legion start with a prayer to honor our nation’s POWs. POW/MIA flags, patches, and pins are displayed at Legion events to demonstrate the organization’s eternal vigilance.

POW-MIA Remembrance: George T. Files Post 20 conducts a POW/MIA Remembrance program every year. This year we will conduct our program on the 15th September on the mall for public awareness.

Gorge T. Files Post 20 Update

Members David Watson and Daniel Lindsley went to Augusta no Sunday morning to the Sportsmen Alliance of Maine to take the 4 H Junior Sports Shooting instructor course. Topics included firearm safety, range safety, rifle nomenclature, sight picture, aiming and follow through. At the close of the class, each instructor candidate presented a section of the syllabus to two of the instructors. The individual certificate will be awarded upon completion of the 4H background check to insure child safety.

Chick Ciciotte is a member of the George T. Files Post 20 of the American Legion.

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