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Main St. Bath leader departs

Korb heading to job in Pittsburgh
Times Record Staff


Main Street Bath Director Jacob Korb will be stepping down today to move to Pittsburgh, where he has accepted a new position as manager of donor relations at Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

Korb has roots in northwest Pennsylvania where he grew up and went to school at the University of Pittsburgh.

“I grew up along Lake Erie in Pennsylvania and visited family often in Pittsburgh,” said Korb.

Korb has served as director of Main Street Bath since June 2015, where he has overseen Bath Heritage Days and many other events downtown. While excited about the new position, Korb said he would miss the community he has come to know in Bath.

“The people are what you always miss,” said Korb. “You miss the friends and family you kind of make out of whatever organization you’re working in. But in an organization where I get to work with such a large segment of the community on a daily basis, that’s the thing that I will miss the most for sure.”

Bath City Council Chairwoman Mari Eosco, who has served as director of Main Street Bath previously, will step in as interim director — for the fourth time, she noted.

After visiting the Main Street Bath offices Thursday, Eosco expressed confidence that Korb was leaving things in great shape.

“Having spent the morning over there today, and been working with him somewhat for the last two years, he has really brought a sense of organization to this organization,” she said. “The systems are really down and he’s got everything just so. I think it’s going to be really easy to just step in and keep the ship afloat while the board searches for a new director. And that director will have a much easier time coming in.”

Office hours may be more limited, said Eosco, as she will be working closer to 30 hours a week as interim executive director.

Prior to beginning the search for a new director, the nonprofit’s board will conduct a strategic planning process to determine the future goals of the organization.

“There’s going to be some strategic planning on the board level, to look at what has happened for the 15-plus years, where the successes are and what can be worked on, and then how we want to move forward looking for the future,” said Eosco.

“This is something that we’ve been chatting about for about the past year, but we received a grant from the Davenport Foundation for a large portion of the cost to hire a consultant to work on the strategic planning process with us,” said Korb.


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