2017-10-11 / Business

Green Bee launches sparkling water lineup

The Times Record


Green Bee, the makers of all natural honey-sweetened sodas, recently announced the launch of a new line of unsweetened sparkling waters.

“We thought it was time to bring the Green Bee way to the sparkling water world,” said Chris Kinkade, president and founder. Green Bee uses real ingredients for real flavors — with no shortcuts.

The philosophy was a welcome change when Kinkade entered the soda game, and one that’s still lacking in the field of unsweetened beverages.

The new Green Bee Sparkling Water lineup includes three flavors: Lemon (5 calories per bottle), Ginger (5 calories per bottle) and Maine Wild Blueberry (15 calories per bottle). Green Bee works with farmers from all over the country to make sure they get only the best and freshest ingredients available.

“Yesterday, it was growing on the farm; today, that freshness is in our bottles,” said Kinkade.

As part of the initial launch, Green Bee has partnered with Luke’s Lobster restaurants which will serve Green Bee Sparkling Water in locations nationwide.

“It’s been amazing to find a beverage company in our own backyard that shares our commitment to best-in-class taste and sustainability,” said Luke’s founder Luke Holden. “The new sparkling waters will be a huge hit with our guests, who are clamoring for an unsweetened beverage where they can taste and pronounce everything on the ingredients list.”

About Green Bee

GREEN BEE is a family owned company based in Brunswick. It was founded on the idea that all beverages should be authentically crafted from real, natural ingredients. Green Bee launched its flagship Lemon Sting flavor in 2010 and its lineup of craft beverages are now distributed to natural food stores and fine restaurants nationwide. For more information, visit drinkgreenbee.com.

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