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Vote Hayes for Governor

I am writing to ask people to consider Terry Hayes for Governor.

Terry has a lot of experience as a mother, school board member, legislator and currently as state Treasurer. As an Independent, she is not dedicated to any particular political party, yet has working relationships in both.

Many people are looking for positive change, which I believe can only be achieved with experience. Positive change means different things to different people, good people who often disagree with one another, which is why an independent listener offers our best hope.

Terry is a clean elections candidate. This is not welfare for politicians, but a system which enables candidates to spend their time working for the people of Maine not raising money and making promises to those who fund it.

Independence alone is not enough we need someone with experience in the workings of State Government.

Please give her your consideration.

Richard Ness,


Not the Bully

As former moderate Democrat, I am appalled at the direction the party has taken. It has been infected with socialist left wing elite nut jobs and hacks, with no respect for the rule of law. They have no respect for or understand the working class. Four years ago I changed my party affiliation. I was hoping the first black president would bring the party closer together, but as somebody that made all his money from the government and brought his corrupt Chicago politics to the White House, he didn’t. Now the most hated president in my memory and the one with the most guts, knows exactly how working class feels. He gets it, he even talks like us. He is not the bully in the playground.

He is the one that confronts the bully.

Ernest Lamarre,


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Well said Mr. Lamarre - thank

Well said Mr. Lamarre - thank you for sharing that sentiment as it is shared by many to include myself.